TULIP: Taking control of your large genome assemblies

The process of genome assembly requires a lot of compute resources. Some genomes are tens of gigabases long and assembly jobs need to be run for weeks on large compute clusters. In collaboration with Leiden University we developed a tool that scales linearly with the genome size. This enables the assembly of very large genomes on relatively small computer systems.

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We are at the cutting edge of genomics technologies and our customers can benefit from the latest developments. We offer a range of genomics services. Some of our popular services are shown below but more can be found in the Solutions page.

About Future Genomics Technologies

Future Genomics Technologies, founded in 2017, is a collaboration between biotech company BaseClear and Leiden University. We work closely together with Oxford Nanopore Technologies and use their revolutionary nanopore sequencing platforms to develop new genomics applications. We are one of the world’s first Oxford Nanopore Technologies certified sequencing providers. Our customers include biotechnological and (bio)pharmaceutical companies, academic and research institutes, as well as agro- and food industries.


We work with future technologies

Future Genomics Technologies uses the latest Next Generation sequencing technologies, including those of Oxford Nanopore Technologies and Illumina. Next generation sequencing has completely revolutionized the way in which complex genetic information is being unraveled.

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