Ron Dirks, PhD, CEO

Ron Dirks is a molecular biologist with extensive experience in developing research models. He has worked on a broad range of subjects, including cancer genes, eye development and cellular stress. He joined ZF-screens in 2008 where he was managing director before joining FG-Technologies in 2017.

Hans Jansen, PhD, CTO

Hans Jansen is an experienced molecular biologist who has worked on different topics such as gene promoters, plant embryogenesis, and early animal embryonic development. He joined ZF-screens in 2007 where he managed general lab affairs and introduced nanopore sequencing technology in 2014 before joining FG-Technologies in 2017.

Wouter Veneman, PhD, Scientist

Wouter Veneman joined Future Genomics Technologies in January 2019 as a scientist, after obtaining his PhD in Molecular Cell Biology from Leiden University. Wouter is responsible for method and protocol development in the field of Nextgen sequencing, in particular cutting-edge ONT long read sequencing.

Jane Segobola, PhD, Scientist

Jane Segobola joined Future Genomics Technologies in December 2021 as a scientist and is responsible for execution of the planned projects. As part of her role, she also develops and supports initiatives, innovative and advanced genomic solutions. Jane holds a PhD in Biotechnology from the University of Pretoria in South Africa and is currently pursuing her MBA from The Hague University of Applied Sciences. She worked as a medical technician in the microbiology department of a human diagnostic laboratory (Ampath laboratories, in South Africa), where she was responsible for processing and analysing human samples. She was based at the CSIR as a PhD candidate where she gained biotechnology experience. Prior to joining FG-Technologies, she worked briefly at CapeBio technologies as a research and development scientist heading the R&D department, where she gained more experience in the field of genomics.