Ron Dirks, PhD, CEO

Ron Dirks is a molecular biologist with extensive experience in developing research models. He has worked on a broad range of subjects, including cancer genes, eye development and cellular stress. He joined ZF-screens in 2008 where he was managing director before joining FG-Technologies in 2017.

Hans Jansen, PhD, CTO

Hans Jansen is an experienced molecular biologist who has worked on different topics such as gene promoters, plant embryogenesis, and early animal embryonic development. He joined ZF-screens in 2007 where he managed general lab affairs and introduced nanopore sequencing technology in 2014 before joining FG-Technologies in 2017.

Susanne Jong-Raadsen, Msc, Scientist

Susanne Jong-Raadsen  is an experienced scientist. She has a vast amount of experience in molecular biology and cell biology. She was employed by the Free University and ZF-screens before she joined FG-Technologies in 2017.