European eel genome

We employed nanopore sequencing technology and a new bioinformatics tool called TULIP to sequence and assemble the European eel genome.

This genome and the Japanese eel genome were already sequenced in 2012 by us using Illumina short read technology. The use of long reads and the efficient TULIP algorithm allowed us to produce a more contiguous genome assembly using less sequence data in only two days on a desktop computer which is a remarkable achievement.

A preprint describing this work appeared on the BioRxiv preprint server in 2017. This paper is now accepted for publication in Scientific Reports.

Eel genome 2012 assembly
N50 scaffold size: 78 kbp
Number of scaffolds: 186281
Total assembled size: 923 Mbp
Raw sequencing data: 34.4 Mbp
Eel genome 2016 assembly
N50 scaffold size: 1.23 Mbp
Number of scaffolds: 2366
Total assembled size: 891.7 Mbp
Raw sequencing data: 14 Gbp